About Us

Embark your carbon offset journey with us Think Local. Act Local. Impact Global.

Who we are

Sow & Reap is a carbon offsetting technology company that empowers corporates to strive towards net zero emissions. We enable them to reduce their carbon footprint with an easy access to carbon credits generated through our regenerative agriculture and other sustainable tech methods. The carbon credits purchased by S&R enables businesses to balance their emissions and save costs.
Acres and Growing

Our vision is to lead the Carbon Credit industry through innovative solutions and sustainable offsets. Committed to the triple bottom line of Planet, Profit, and People, we empower corporations to fulfill missions with net-zero emissions. With AFLOU projects, we create valuable carbon credits, paving the way for a greener, more prosperous world.


Our mission is threefold: empowering farmers through incentivized carbon credits, regenerating soil health for high yields and sustainable agriculture, and making a positive impact on global emissions for a greener future.

Digitized Traceability & Transparency

  • A digital platform that tracks all farming activities.
  • Block chain verified data

Digitized traceability and transparency in farming involves using digital systems to track and record the journey of agricultural products, manage the supply chain, ensure product quality, and engage consumers. It enables farmers to comply with regulations, make data-driven decisions, and promote sustainability. Technologies like IoT, data analytics, and cloud platforms support these efforts.

Carbon Footprinting & Neutrality

  • We ensure carbon credits credibility.
  • Partnership with international certifying bodies.
  • Monetary benefit to the farmer.

Carbon footprinting and neutrality in farming involve measuring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers adopt sustainable practices, conduct lifecycle assessments, and participate in carbon markets to reduce their carbon footprint. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are crucial for success in these efforts.


Teamwork makes the dream work.


A serial entrepreneur who has launched and successfully led leading businesses in real estate, telecom, and healthcare. Owing to his family roots embedded in the agricultural farms in Telangana, Suraj is passionate about preserving the environment. He is on a mission to help corporates achieve net zero goals with sustainable practices and technology using bright minds and the right resources.



Srinivas is a sustainability expert and a PhD from Johns Hopkins where his research focussed on cost effective drugs for vulnerable communities. He currently works at a transformative sustainable fashion company. Owing to his illustrious experience which includes AT Kearney with specialty in the energy sector and passion for the environment, Srinivas is committed to bring a positive change to the planet.



Divya has over 20 years of globally-diverse experience — including10 years with multinational corporations like D. E. SHAW and Qualcomm. Her areas of expertise are business strategy, branding, operational excellence, people management, and information management.

Divya holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor society for outstanding academic achievements. She currently spearheads family-owned businesses (and is also a co-investor in businesses) across multiple industry segments including technology, food-packaging, F&B, equine sport and sustainable agriculture. Divya strongly believes that real success and progress can only be achieved within a framework of ethical and environmental responsibility.