Project Miyawaki – Man-Made Forest​

Welcome to Project Miyawaki, an ambitious endeavor dedicated to the creation of a man-made forest spanning 18 acres of land in Shamshabad. Discover how this project not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also leaves a lasting impact on the social fabric of the surrounding communities.



18 acres of land at Shamshabad.


Project Miyawaki employs a unique approach by planting multiple native species, fostering accelerated growth and biodiversity.

Environmental Impact

Carbon Sequestration

Project Miyawaki aims to sequester approximately 49,000 tons of CO2 equivalent, making a significant contribution to three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Social Transformation

Improved Air Quality

The execution of Project Miyawaki has become a beacon of environmental transformation, positively impacting the air quality of surrounding villages. Experience the tangible difference as cleaner air becomes a reality.

Thriving Ecosystem

Beyond the immediate benefits of cleaner air, Project Miyawaki has nurtured the development of a thriving ecosystem. Witness the emergence of a sustainable and healthier environment, fostering biodiversity and supporting the local ecosystem.

Financial Outlook

Expected Carbon Credits

Project Miyawaki anticipates generating 1,500 carbon credits annually.

Monetization Strategy

These carbon credits are monetizable at credit value, providing a sustainable financial model. The monetization period is set for 30 years, ensuring a long-term commitment to environmental and community well-being.


Project Miyawaki is not just about planting trees; it’s about creating a legacy of environmental stewardship. Join us in witnessing the transformation of barren land into a flourishing man-made forest, where environmental sustainability and community well-being go hand in hand. Together, let’s breathe life into the future with Project Miyawaki.