Project Safe Drinking Water

Welcome to Project Safe Drinking Water, a vital initiative planned in Uttar Pradesh with Electro Chlorination units. Explore how this project aims to provide safe drinking water at the community level, making a significant impact on public health and the overall well-being of villages.



Planned in Uttar Pradesh with Electro Chlorination units.


Project Safe Drinking Water is dedicated to providing communities with safe and accessible drinking water.

Environmental Impact

Emission Reductions

Experience a substantial reduction of 60,000 tons of CO2 equivalent annually, aligning with the objectives of five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Social Transformation

Lifeline for Communities

Project Safe Drinking Water is a lifeline for communities, ensuring access to a fundamental necessity—safe drinking water. The project enhances public health and significantly improves the quality of life in these villages.

Financial Outlook

Expected Carbon Credits

Anticipate the generation of 60,000 carbon credits annually.

Monetization Strategy

These carbon credits are monetizable at $10 per credit for a period of 15 years, providing a sustainable financial model for ongoing initiatives.