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Sow & Reap, an Indian consulting firm, specializes in regenerative agriculture to combat climate change. They collaborate with scientists and tech partners to digitally monitor, report, and verify carbon sequestration projects. Their main objective is to determine project eligibility, focusing on CO2 (80%), methane (10%), and nitrous oxide (7%) emissions.

Why Sow & Reap

Long-Term Sustainability

We prioritize regenerative agriculture for sustainable, profitable, and responsible farming. By adopting regenerative practices, you enhance profitability, lower costs, conserve resources, and support local communities, emphasizing long-term benefits over short-term gains.

Resilient Farming Systems

Regenerative practices in agriculture address climate challenges. We design resilient farming systems to combat extreme weather, water scarcity, and pests. Through techniques like diversified crops and water management, we aid in risk reduction and climate adaptation.

Collaborative Approach

We collaborate with farmers, landowners, and stakeholders, aligning regenerative agriculture solutions with your goals. Our team offers knowledge sharing, support, training, and guidance for a successful transition to regenerative practices and desired outcomes.


AWD is a sustainable agriculture method that works by installing pipes provided by S&R in the soil that indicates the exact amount of water that is required throughout the cultivation process. The project is listed with VCS’ Verra and Gold Standard.

Geo-tagging of
the farm

Geo-tagging farms links GPS coordinates to locations, aiding in management, precision agriculture, and asset tracking. GPS receivers, mobile devices, drones, and GIS software are used. It provides crucial spatial data for informed farming decisions.

Farmer training in pipe installation

Farmers train in pipe installation, including planning, trenching, laying pipes, valve installation, backfilling, testing, and maintenance. Local ag services provide tailored training. Comply with regulations, permits, safety. AWD conserves water, reduces energy in rice cultivation.

Farm & farmer
data collection

AWD enhances agriculture through efficient data collection, monitoring weather, soil, and crop health. Real-time insights empower farmers for informed decisions on irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, maximizing productivity and sustainability while minimizing resource wastage.

Land preparation &
seed sowing

Land prep readies soil for crops by removing debris, weeds, tilling soil, and adding nutrients. Seed sowing plants seeds in prepared soil, promoting germination and growth. Both practices set the stage for fruitful crop cultivation.

Pipe installation &
regular monitoring

Pipe installation in farming establishes efficient irrigation systems by connecting pipes for water delivery to crops. Monitoring ensures optimal functioning, water distribution, and crop health, vital for sustainable irrigation.

Data collection
during harvest

In harvest farming, data collection records crop yield, quality, equipment performance, logistics, weather, and costs. This information empowers farmers to optimize operations and enhance practices for a successful harvest season.

To combat the impacts of Climate Change on crop production it’s imperative to adhere to Climate-Smart Agriculture practices which are



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Sow & Reap – Core is to assess the eligibility of the project under which seven green house gases which contribute to global warming of which CO2 contributes 80% followed by Methane (CH4) 10% and Nitrous Oxide (N2O) which makes 7% of all GHGEMISSIONS